Friday, June 30, 2017

What a Pyrrhic!

Without a doubt, the ongoing dysfunction of the American political system is alarming to people and national leaders both at home and around the globe regardless of their customary allegiances. The lack of bipartisanship among the people’s representatives and the polarization throughout the nation’s population threatens the country’s and the world’s stability.

This dangerous state of affairs was not brought about by the current chief executive, Donald Trump, although his lack of political experience, and his personal behaviorial manners and quirks have apparently resulted in an inability for him to foster any cooperation between individuals and groups in areas where joint action is critically needed, thus exacerbating the already declining strength of the nation in the eyes of its own citizens, as well as in the view of the leaders and the citizens of our allies and enemies alike.

There is a strong sense of major disasters looming, and a dearth of solutions being formulated to solve huge problems, because of a dearth of quality leadership from our warring political parties. We won't fend off the inevitable conflagrations brewing with any amount of Tweeted falsehoods, incitements, diversions, or hyperbolic Congressional pronouncements. We desperately need leadership, not gamesmanship.

An ill-informed, prejudiced, and short-sighted American electorate, by choosing its representatives in government selfishly and unwisely, has cleared the way for China, Europe, or Russia, either alone, or in tandem, to become the political, social, and economic leaders of the 21st-century.

If limited government and the desire to remain uninvolved and distanced from the universal struggle for the survival and progress of humanity is the goal of those who unflinchingly support our current administration, we are to be congratulated on our Pyrrhic victory, but should be sympathized with for our utter failure to recognize the consequences of having hastened the demise of the greatest hope for mankind in the history of the planet.

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