Friday, July 8, 2016

Apple Flotsam

We rode the Staten Island Ferry on the 5th to brunch on leftovers from the 4th while sitting on a bench at St. George's port walkway and imagined the previous night's fireworks and teeming masses. Way cooler.
Walked uptown along the East River to South Street Seaport (the main building with all the shops and eateries is closed and under construction). Give it a pass, mates.
Hoofed over to 17 Mott Street for takeout of Shrimps with Black Bean Sauce over noodles.
Hauled ass up Avenue A by way of Christie Street to St. Mark's Place & Tomkins Square Park (saw a guy OD and roll over in front of us stone cold dead). 911 was called.
Chowed down from Wo-Hop's goody bag (way too much food! Re-secured bag for a possible dinner on the 6th.)
Legged it over to the Shake Shack in the Flatiron's shadow to rest our barking dogs before heading over to Herald Square and Hajni's compulsory Macy's scouting. I sat at a table for 40 minutes watching and listening to the sights and sounds of tourists (and re-opened the Wo-Hop bag for a midair re-fueling).
Chatted up the security guard at Victoria's Secret while Hajni completed her mission.
Shuffled over to the #1 Train, got off at 96th and Broadway and painfully made our way to the car on Riverside and 93rd. Drove home upriver to Stony Point, flipped out of my sneakers and socks. Hajni poured herself a Marques de Riscal, I gulped some iced ginger ale and we played the DVR recording of the Macy's fireworks spectacular from the previous night. Still, way cooler.
We woke up early on the 6th and went for a 3-mile hike before the heat and humidity got out of control. Now, I think I will soak my feet. Where's that bag of peppermint-scented Epsom salts?

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