Friday, March 4, 2016

(T)rump (R)ubio (A)ll (C)ruz (K)asich

I have devised my own system of deciding who won last night's Republican Debate. As I watched the proceedings  I T R A C K E D each actor's character in 26 different categories from A to Z. By this method I have deduced that John Kasich was by far the most rational, mature, and prepared of the four contestants and made of Presidential timber, which probably will disqualify him from winning the nomination.

Using a (T) (R) (A) (C) (K) grading system for each category resulted in the following list.
There is a zero probability of error in this result:

Agonistic (A)
Benighted (T)
Catarrhine (C)
Duplicitous (TRC)
Embarrassing (TRC)
Feculent (TRC)
Guttering (TRC)
Havering (TRC)
Ignominious (TRC)
Juddering (R)
Kaltblutig (C)
Lumpen (T)
Mendacious (TRC)
Nugatory (TRC)
Otiose (TRC)
Peculating (T)
Querulous (R)
Risible (T)
Sententious (C)
Turbid (T)
Unpresidential (TRC)
Vulpine (C)
Wily (C)
Xenophobic (TRC)
Yapping (TRC)
Zealous (C)