Monday, December 8, 2014

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Those who fail to answer 
Thessalonike's timeless query
She reels and jerks and drops
Depthfully down undead
With her cold and stony stares.

Alone the mermaid asks away
To away the circling hours
As in unfurled beauty
She cleaves the waves
And rules her bitter seas.

Who save Alexander dare to ask
"How fare you, fair maid?"
Would she herself dare to ask?
Alone to him she would answer--


These plebeian styles--
This unwound world,
So--au currant--
So deep its lack,
Brother, of mystery;
Nothing does it offer,
But such a life
I'd need contrive--
Here, at sea, forever
I hold the better part of
Earth's full realm, and
Unbound fully, save to ask,
How fares Alexander?
Is that too much, I ask?

Inspired by Gwendolyn MacEwen
and Dedicated to Karen Lyn Keeperman

Happy Birthday KLK

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