Friday, October 3, 2014

Across the Sea

The New York Times
Letter to the Editor
September 19, 2014
E Pluribus Unum, mates
The people of Scotland have stepped back from an abyss, and for this I give thanks, for their being not fearful, but for being prudent, and hopeful for a better future standing united. The political motivators that stir the passions of nationalism by division play a dangerous game that time and again fails to deliver but the stuff of nightmares to those who simply fancy a dream. Those who dream of separation, division, destruction are multitudinous, “the past is prologue,” as one great Britain wrote, and knowingly added this: "We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep." We of the United States, salute you, forever friends.‑-Cyberswamped=Reklektikos


Across the Sea

Took the High Road--
Took the Low--
Climbed all night to
Maine's full height,
Then I looked up, and up,
Across the sea,
And by God, there--
Along the Firth of Forth,
Lie still our own
Dunfermline still
Home to you and me.
Full Disclosure:
I'm not from Scotland,
But once, I rode an elevator
4 flights down with
Maureen O'Hara.
'tho she's surely Irish, so
Does that even count?
Say, did I ever tell you about
The time I bought Judy Garland
A Pina Colada in Times Square?
She passed on the hot dog
That I offered to buy for her.
Gee, she was shorter than
I had ever imagined.
Damn, that was a juicy hot dog.

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