Saturday, February 8, 2014

Not Your Father's Tea Party

"We are the people who have land, belongings, position, and we're standing by our guns in opposition to the people who have nothing. We're the conservative people; and what has been true of conservative people in all ages and all lands is true of us. We dissent from extreme and injudicious measures, from violence, from oppression, from revolution, from reckless statements and misrepresentation. We can't stomach liars, bullies or demagogues, or leaders without experience, ability or sound judgment..."

*  *  *

The words above were spoken by Judge Herndon (Loyalist) in a Long Island marshland to Oliver Wiswell (Loyalist) of Massachusetts. This dialogue occurs in the historical novel, Oliver Wiswell, by Kenneth Roberts, which records the American Revolutionary era, convincingly, from the perspective of the much-beleagured Loyalist.

*  *  *

What is remarkable is how the opposing sides--Patriots vs. Loyalists--each saw the other as traitors and continued speaking past each other for months and years on end. It was the British, through their misguided policies and aggression, that finally brought the matter to a fiery conclusion.

One wonders what outside force it will take to bring the Democrats and the Republicans to their senses, and act in unity, finally, for the common good? Yes, one does indeed wonder...

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