Monday, January 28, 2013

GOP Revolts: Switches to Coffee for 2016

The truce that was called to end "Class Warfare" was the U.S. Constitution.
Wouldn't it be nice if all members of Congress would at least read
and commit its "Preamble" to memory.

The  "makers" and "takers" diatribe being spouted by the radical right just doesn't cut it.
It doesn't account for a very important consideration: The truth of the matter.

The true "takers" are the ones who have bought the House of Representatives, lock, stock, and barrel, in order to have its members serve as their personal lobby masons. These block shoppers have used money they've stockpiled while plundering the world's economy to lay mines in the path of upward mobility for the poor and middle-class.

The foxy guardians of righteousness have attempted to steal a couple of elections, lost the last election, and they will lose the next, because their greed and lust for power has not taken into consideration the law of diminishing returns: specifically, the tax returns of the actual "takers".

The real "makers" are "We the People." Today's Republicans shiver when they hear that phrase. People acting in concordance? How scary that sounds to them. They have names for people who want harmony. They call them "takers", because they cannot seem to use the "S"-word while keeping a straight face. 

Ryan, Jindal, Cantor, Rubio, et al, good luck with healing your party's tone deafness. You know you really should listen up when your constituents are talking to you, unless your wish is to meet your "maker" again in 2016.

A thought for the ages:
"There is no such thing as was—only is.
If was existed, there would be no grief or sorrow."
     --William Faulkner

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