Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Nobodaddy's Business but His, Right?

Are there not many secrets to be kept and many questions asked that are best left unanswered?

Clever people do, with certainty, disagree with that, but are they correct?

When we discover the truth about anything are we its master or its slave?

Those who have reasoned God out of life's equation have exercised their imaginative powers to the nth degree, but, really, to what end?

Once He has been expedited off-stage, are the waiting understudies qualified to assume His role?

Does one's DNA (read Do Not Awaken?) give geneticists the right to pass judgment upon our physical being? And what revelations lie therein of one's Muse? Spirit? Potential? Nature?

Should Hamlet have asked "To let it be, or not to let it be?" That is the only question, after all, isn't it?

Have the histories of men and their gods not slammed shut as many doors as they ever have propped open?

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