Friday, October 7, 2011

Western Civilization Has Gone From Plato to Playdough

Laurence Berns has scribed a work that every American ought to read with care, but probably won't. He didn't write it yesterday, but what he has written stands tall. Our Political Situation: Good Government, Self-government, and American Democracy is a primer for citizens to understand how our system of government was designed to work and what the responsibilities are of 'we the people' and those representatives that we, in our wisdom, choose to elect to govern us.

In the work, which reinforms us of what the founding fathers had intended, one can find such as the following where Berns paraphrases Plato from his Laws:

"...generally, there is need for a special discipline for learning how to counter the manifold ways our other desires have for frustrating the desire for truth."

As we now watch the ruling parties forego the will of the people and act solely in their unenlightened self-interest we come to understand that our 'great experiment' is taking a course far from what was originally intended. We the passengers on this wavering 'ship of state' are getting sick of this passage and the demonstrations currently taking place throughout the nation are but the symptoms of this malaise. From what quarter shall come the medicine that will either cure or kill us?

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