Saturday, October 16, 2010

2010: The Mid-Term Elections

There is so much to complain about and so much time.

Not even two years have passed since the Obama administration assumed power, but it seems like I've been hearing about its multifarious, if not nefarious, incompetence for a much longer time. Were I a less skeptical person I would probably be hard-pressed, by now, not to agree with much of the diatribe being hurled at The President, his advisers, and his fellow Democrats.

It is unfortunate that so many of our pundits, politicians and corporate leaders are acting so disingenuous and clueless about how America has fallen into such a pitiful economic and political state. (Pun intended?)

The widespread damage that the recklessly conceived and sold, unregulated "weapons of financial mass-destruction" has wrought had for decades been brewing in the shallowed halls of Congress and the even shallower halls of boardrooms during the corrupt, inept and short-sighted administrations of Democrats and Republicans alike.

Clearly, most Americans are either already suffering from the effects of the lousy economy, or fear the strong likelihood that they may soon join the bourgeoning ranks of those suffering. This astute majority of the sometimes working poor are as apt as they are correct to be angry, worried, and even downright depressed.

All of us, though, should take some comfort in the fact that the Democrats have by now proven that they are not even remotely cagey enough to have caused the amount of economic damage that their colleagues from across the aisle have been relentlessly blaming them for. Surely they had to have a lot of help from their very accusers and the well-heeled, too big to jail corporate sponsors of both major parties. Enter the Body-Politic Snatchers: The Herb People.

People, like politicians, are quite capable of voting with their wallets instead of their brains. So, on the first Tuesday of November I fully expect to be surprised with something far worse than we've already got. Something I can only imagine.

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