Friday, August 27, 2010

Etude for Billie Blake

On the city's summer sidewalks
a lad skips merry and carefree.
Each day a picture in bright chalks
from heaven hangs for none save he.

Each stranger passed is friend denied
tho' he dare not pause delight.
No pleasantries can he abide;
joy's torrent shrouds the child's sight.

Nor books, nor chores stir his happy hands
that deftly fly the soaring kite,
'Tho when time slips its silent sands
they flail--they quake--with fearful might.

When with his shadow of long days
both fade to gray before lone night--
They scold their stars for foolish ways,
and tearful make their homeward flight.

To hear these songs yet being played
Discords the souls these discords made.

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