Saturday, July 28, 2018

Orange Is The New Orange

The Mueller investigation into the dastardly deeds perpetrated by Donald John Trump, and the schemes of his cadre of sycophants to bulldoze the American Dream is now slouching toward what will be, hopefully, an American Renaissance.

By the time this trial is finally over we will all have been thoroughly slimed by this shameful, disorienting, and often terrifying episode in the annals of American history. Nobody has escaped the damage caused by this unscrupulous plutocrat whose guilt-ridden administration has sought to demolish generations of painful, slow progress toward world peace, brotherhood, and has delayed further implementation of efforts to end poverty, inequality, domestic violence, and ignorance; the myriad of problems facing tens of millions of law-abiding citizens that have been relegated to the dust bin by a self-absorbed, self-interested President and a cowardly, incompetent Congress.

Even had Trump not acted as a traitor to his country before the world's cameras in Helsinki, as an abuser of power in Washington, as a personally reprehensible, and abusive actor in his relationships with women and minorities everywhere . . . even if he was not egotistical, narcissistic, dictatorial, and criminally negligent in his financial dealings, is this derelict man in anyway whatsoever capable to lead America and the world into the future?

The jury will not be out for long.


Saturday, June 16, 2018

June's Busted Out All Over

Trump’s Old White Nutjobs
versus COUNTRY values

Good Golly, Miss Molly, but ain’t
the Silly Season been blossomin'!
Be damned Liberty’s blind lyin’ eyes!

Peckerwoods been peckin’ out orders to
seal the Grand Kanoodler’s leakin’!
Be damned Liberty’s blind lyin’ eyes!

So let’s all have a jolly good collude
with the Devil we're lovin'!
Be damned Liberty’s blind lyin’ eyes!

Friday, May 11, 2018

My Camelot Moment

It's May! It's May! The Lovely Month of May!

Generally speaking, I would describe myself as "cautiously pessimistic" regarding the "human condition", rather than outright pessimistic. I think this came about because an agreeable combination of good luck, easy living, and a moderate temperament has served me well enough to grant me more happiness than grief. (Not that there haven't been some deep valleys between these green hills of earth at times). No slopes, thus far, slippery or perilous enough to have me choose to become an angry loner or an overly disappointed curmudgeon, because of the good hand life has dealt me. So, relative to many people, I suspect that I have little, or nothing, to complain about. Perhaps, I simply choose to be happy by thinking less, feeling less, and doing less.

As long as my run of luck holds out, I’ll be fine. It’s a crapshoot, though, and I don't recommend this way of surviving to those who can’t deal with accepting the inevitable (that shit will happen) as well as I can.

Pass/Don’t Pass, but ante up.

Saturday, April 28, 2018

An Old Philosophe's Escutcheon

Peace of Mind, Pussy, and Paella--
an unholy trinity, perhaps, but
in life, when you get down to it--
we choose our colors,
as we choose our gods--
with much hope and abandon.

Some carry themselves lightly--
some stumble along in their chains.
All--on time--arrive and depart.

Thursday, March 22, 2018

DeFaced by An Unreliable Narrator

Millions of people are today dealing with a problem primarily of their own making. While hardly as serious, forinstance, as needing to decide whether “To Be or Not to Be,” it nevertheless presents a psychological dilemma that, for many, can be excruciatingly difficult to resolve, namely, “To Delete or Not To Delete” one’s on-line identity from the planet-wide legions of users addicted to the virtual connectivity offered and overseen by Facebook.

There are, for those who choose to withdraw, as I have, for now temporarily, from their habit (or custom, if one prefers) from the postings of their own and/or others' positions and posturings, going to be some symptoms with which they must reckon.

As nearly as possible, I have learned from personal experience that it is possible to cease and desist, regardless of how long, how little, or how much one has been a participant and/or an enabler in the pursuit of virtual friends and/or of cyberian relationships, and come away even happier, healthier, and decidedly more fit company in the real world (in the likely event that that situation should ever again present itself).

Here are just some of the things (I've discovered recently) that one can do while away from the blinking screen and the accursed keyboard that might be helpful restoratives to one's psychic rehabilitation:

Read, write, listen to, or recite a story or a poem.
Take a walk to someplace or nowhere.
Actually reflect upon stuff along the way.
Make and/or converse with a friend about something, anything, or nothing.
Exercise your libido or have someone exercise it for you.

If none of these work, if some of these work, or if all of these work, just remember that you can always resort to becoming a Blogger (like me).


Sunday, February 4, 2018


How odd it is being here situated in New York on this superlatively hyped-up Sunday and find myself thinking more about Benjamin Franklin's beginnings as "The First American", (rooted as they were in Boston and Philadelphia) than the grand spectacles of diversion occurring today in Washington and our beloved twin cities of Mary Tyler Moore and Scotchtape fame.

I plan to fight off this malaise first by taking my blood-pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes medications, then reading this article from the New York Review of Books, entitled "The Business of Learning," and follow that up with a long walk among the wooded hills of home with my wife, Hajnalka, before we shop for healthy half-time snacks.

We will be beaten, one and all, so, finally, why not then lie back and enjoy the bloody game?

Saturday, January 20, 2018

10 Words Beginning With the Letter 'B' That You Can Discover Just By Reading Stuff

In my May 2015 post I randomly entered 10 words that begin with the letter "a" that I had encountered in my reading during that month that required my consulting one or more of my reference books. This current post lists 10 words since that previous post that start with the letter "b" that I had to lookup.
brasser: a cheap whore bought for a brass coin
brachycephalic: having a relatively broad, short skull
botts: a disease affecting a horse's digestive system
boreen: a little road, or country lane in rural Ireland
boojum: an imaginary dangerous animal
bombe: A device designed by Alan Turing to decrypt Nazi Enigma messages
bombazine: a cotton, linen, or silk material, in black for mourning
Boadecia: Briton queen who led revolt against Romans c. 60 A.D.
blebs: blisters or bubbles
blart: to sound loudly and harshly like an airhorn