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Post: A Resurrection & Listicle for April

Francis Andrew March and his son, F.A. March, Jr., created A Thesaurus Dictionary of the English Language (c) 1902; a marvel of utility for a couple of generations of language lovers. Norman Cousins saw fit to guide its rebirth in 1958 under the auspices of Hanover House. An excerpt from this holistic risen treasure follows up.

Accomplish, etc. To bring to an issue by perseverance or skill, etc. See COMPLETION.
Achieve. To perform something worthy or honorable.
Acquire, etc. To get in one's possession by skill or purchase, etc. See GAIN.
Bear. To give birth to; to produce.
Bear fruit. Produce.
Be brought to bed. To give birth to a child.
Beget. To produce; to generate.
Breed. To produce young; to bring up.
Bring forth; bring into being; bring into existence; bring up.
Build. To construct, as a building; to put together by any process.
Call into being, call into existence. Create.
Carve. To accomplish or produce, as by cutting or carving.
Cause, etc. To be the cause of; to produce, etc. See CAUSE.
Chisel. To accomplish or achieve, as by carving or chiseling.
Coin. To make into coins; to fabricate.
Compose: To produce by putting together.
Constitute. To make up the substance of.
Construct. To bring together and put up as an edifice.
Contrive. To plan ingeniously; to design.
Create. To make come into existence either out of nothing or existing materials.
Develop. To cause to increase in power, strength, etc.
Do. Perform; make.
Drop. To bring forth; to give birth to, as young.
Ean. To bring forth young.
Edify. To build up as in morals, etc.
Engender. To cause to be in existence.
Erect. To set up, as a building.
Establish. To fix firmly; to set up and secure firmly.
Evolve. To open; to develop.
Fabricate: To construct by art; to invent.
Farrow. To bring forth young; said of swine.
Fecundate. To make fruitful, as in children.
Flower. To produce flowers; to bloom.
Forge. To make or shape by hammering; to alter with fraudulent intentions.
Form. To take existing materials and give shape to; to put in a particular shape.
Frame: To put together for some specific end.
Fructify. To make fruitful.
Gar. To cause.
Generate. To cause to be, to bring into being.
Get. To gain possession of; to come to be.
Give birth to. Bring forth by birth.
Hatch. To produce young from eggs by incubation.
Impregnate. To make pregnant or prolific.
Incubate. To hatch eggs by heating.
Induce. To produce by a course of reasoning.
Institute. To set up and put in operation.
Kindle. To light a fire; hence, to arouse, to produce an effect.
Kitten. To bring forth, as kittens.
Lay. To construct by a course of reasoning.
Lie in. To be in childbirth.
Make. To cause in all its various senses.
Make productive, etc. See FERTILITY.
Manufacture. To make by hand or machinery.
Operate. To accomplish; to conduct or manage affairs.
Organize. To bring the parts into connection and working harmony; to establish with cooperative parts.
Perform. To carry out; to execute completely.
Procreate. To produce by generation.
Produce. To bring into existence, as by nature; to manufacture.
Progenerate. To beget.
Pullulate. To germinate; to bud.
Pup. To bring forth young; said of a female dog.
Put together. Compose; construct.
Raise. To put up in a place; to cause to grow; to breed.
Rear. To bring up as children; to build up.
Run up. To put up rapidly and hurriedly, as a building; to put in a prominent place, as a flag.
Set up. Put up.
Superinduce. To induce in addition.
Suscitate. To call into life or activity.
Teem. To produce, as offspriing.
Usher into the world. To bring into existence.
Weave. To make by weaving; to construct with elaboration.
Yean. To bring forth young, as a sheep.

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