Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Ways of Words

From Instructions of Cormac,
King of Cashel
9th Century,

          Be not too wise, nor too foolish,
          Be not too conceited, nor too diffident,
          Be not too haughty, nor too humble,
          Be not too talkative, nor too silent,
          Be not too hard, nor too feeble.
If you be too wise, men will expect too much of you;
If you be too foolish, you will be deceived;
If you be too conceited, you will be thought vexatious;
If you be too humble, you will be without honour;
If you be too talkative, you will not be heeded;
If you be too silent, you will not be regarded;
If you be too hard, you will be broken;
If you be too feeble, you will be crushed.

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